Beyonce in Roberto Cavalli at Pre-Grammy Saturday Party- Straight from the Spring Runway 2014

Beyonce stunned in this straight from the run way 2014 Robertto Cavalli Dress and Louboutin “Palais Royal Vernis” Shoes.Beyonce Robertto Cavalli  pre-grammy party jay z 2014

Fashion Watch: Beyonce in Roberto Cavalli Pre-Grammy Show 2014

Beyonce stunned in this straight from the run way 2014 Robertto Cavalli Dress and Louboutin “Palais Royal Vernis” Shoes.Beyonce Robertto Cavalli  pre-grammy party jay z 2014

Hair Real or Fake Review: Rosa Hair Products


Hey everyone!


So I finally took the plunge after many recommendations from friends both in real life and friends (in my head) on You Tube and decided to purchase some affordable hair on Aliexpress. It has been a long battle between myself and my hair dresser over dying my hair. I like blonde hair be it onbre’d or streaked and she thinks it will be bad news for my real hair. So the battle waged on with me losing out to the bottle every time. I experimented with blonde clips in hiar or sewed in hair and though I liked it I wanted more. So after watching a few review videos I chose vendor Rosa Beauty and purchased her Malaysian Bodywave Hair. I watched 2 You Tube gurus tutorials on bleaching hair and after a brief trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply I dyed the hair myself. It came out really nice. Check out my initial review video on the hair when I received it in the mail and the after review of the hair.

Have you ever purchased hair from So far I am happy with my purchase. The hair is still really soft despite being bleached and it waves up something pretty when wet. Tell me what you think in the comments section below.


Hello everyone!!

Here is my detailed review on my new protective style! (LONG POST with my personal confessional so you don’t want to skip anything – this might help someone)

In November 2012 I cut my hair very short. I mean very. I had hair down my back that ended up about 4 inches in length all around my head. I wanted a drastic change. I ended a relationship that seemed to be going no where and I decided to go hard promoting and doing events for my jewelry business so I wanted a new me. Well, I hated it! It took me 3 months to get used to the length and by then I had done so much damage to my hair by constantly using flat irons and heat that I decided reluctantly to go back to protective styling. I wore lacefront wigs which looked really good on me because I customized them to my face and my overall look which made them personal to me. I used make up on my parts so they looked real. I re-parted the wigs in different areas and experimented with color. Problem was they were synthetic and they only lasted 2 months before they started looking a hot mess!

A former acquaintance always had her hair looking LAID (slang for gorgeous) and she revealed that she ordered a human lace wig months ago and spent quite a bit of money on it but it was worth it because it was hassle free hair that was low maintenance. She always looked good and I had always wondered how her hair looked so fab all the time. At that point I was used to paying $55 a pop for each wig and had currently dropped almost $200 in matted wigs that couldn’t be worn anymore so I said what the heck! Let me do some research. I went on YouTube and typed in LACE WIG REVIEWS and a couple of names kept popping up like RPG SHOW, MY LITTLE SECRETS, BEST LACEWIGS etc. I watched each video on these companies religiously. I was obsessed because some reviews were good and some were bad so I didn’t know which to choose. I went on each site and priced the units I wanted. Shipping was important to me as I live in Canada so that played a big factor as well.

However, I kept coming back to a YouTube Guru named LakiaStar’s videos. She seemed very honest and gave good reviews. After 2 months of research I settled on RPG SHOW LS069-s. They had free shipping and they had the most positive reviews. My unit came to a total of $389 US after a $30 discount code which you receive on the spot at checkout. Pricey? Yes!!!!!!!! But was it worth it?

Confession Time

I have not used heat on my hair for 4 months. A very stressful situation at work saw my hair breaking off in the worst way! My plan to wear my hair out that had grown so much since wearing lacewigs was slowly becoming a pipe dream. I was devastated. My hair was basically falling out! That’s my little secret that I am sharing with you all. Unfortunately for me, genetics in my family especially among the women makes it possible for stress to increase our cortisol and DHT levels to the point that our hair begins to break and fall out. I talked to my aunts, my cousins and they too at some point went through what I am going through right now. I am sharing this so someone will feel encouraged about their situation. I went to well known hairdressers for answers and help and they told me that they have seen MANY women come in with the same situation as me and told me not to feel discouraged that I had to reduce my stress, get sleep, let go (and let God) and the hair would grow back. I began doing that and it started to work till about 4 weeks ago when I noticed a patch of hair missing by the nape of my neck. Stress is real and it’s a killer My work went through a MAJOR restructuring that saw my position eliminated and a new one created for me. That was VERY STRESSFUL because there was alot of politics that played a role in that decision. But GOD IS GOOD and I know he is on my side and that knowledge has allowed me to relax and take it easy which has helped a lot with the stress I felt that day. I’ve also started a strict supplement regimen which I will go into detail at a later date. I went to the doctor and he ran some tests which I am going back to get the results for. I will keep you guys posted. As for that patch at the back of my neck, I can feel little hairs springing up which I can attribute to de-stressing, prayer  and possibly those supplements. I promise to make a detailed post about this at a later date.

Lace Review

The hair is so soft, it moves and swings wonderfully. I’ve ombre’d the ends and then ended up dying the rest the same colour and it is a dream!! MP ISSUES!! Dying drys the hair so I use a touch of Moroccan Oil on it before and after and it is super silky and soft! I LOVE IT! Well worth my $389. It was money wel spent. No tangles, no shedding, no dulling just beautiful soft hair that doesn’t look like amatted mess. Ladies. I recommend this hair! I will be shooting a detailed video soon. The one drawback is…it doesn’t hold a curl. It is turely bone straight so if that’s what you like then this unit is for you. If you like waves and curls then I suggest you pruchase a wavy unit.


Talk again soon guys!