Manscaping: To Shave or let it grow wild….

Hi everyone.

I find chest hair on men very unattractive. I’m not sure why but I think it’s gross. A sexy chest is a man who is hairless. I thought about this today for a bit and I came to the conclusion that I I’m not a fan of hairy men. I think a well groomed man includes clean clothes, a good hair cut, a bare chest and a well landscaped crotch. I think that if men want us to be trimmed or bare they too should do the same for us. Visually a shaved crotch looks more appealing and for the fella’s it makes their stuff look bigger and longer. Just as  many men want a bare vagina when he is going down and in some cases demands it, the same coutesy should be extended to us when he desires a little head. Besides, who wants to pull hairs out of their mouth or try to hack it up out of their throat? It’s a mood killer stopping to pick it all out.

Also, a man who doesn’t landscape, the hair can actually irritate and cause friction on the inner thigh and vaginal mounds. Those are just my thoughts. I fancy no hair or a well trimmed area. Check out this diagream and tell me which one catches your fancy.






Tell me what you think.

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DIY: Wrinkle Remedy

Hey all.

Here I go with another DIY remedy to bring to you guys!! This one will tackle wrinkles! Nobody wants those no matter what age. So here is a natural DIY remedy to help you banish those pesky wrinkles.

What you will need:

1. Almonds

2. Milk

3. Honey

or you can use Almond Milk


1. Soak 5 almonds in milk overnight

2. The next day grind the 5 almonds into a paste adding a little bit of the milk they were soaking in

3. Add 2 tsp of honey and stir into the paste

4.  Apply to the face and let sit for 20 minutes.

5. Rinse and repeat at least 2-3 times a week

Powerful Foods that BOOST your natural defences and heal you from within!

Hi everyone! In today’s mass produced society where everything is created, grown and ingested in a rush it’s hard to know exactly what is what and how it affect’s you. Here are 5 foods that you can get at the grocery store that will boost your immune system and the benefits they provide from within!


Feeling gasey and bloated? Try Ginger!


Have when ingested has shown to reduce indigestion, gas, bloating and flatulance. Also prevents symptons of motion sickness.

Stop age spots before they occur with Paprika!


Packed with vitamins, iron and beta-carotene which prevents the occurrence of freckles and age spots.


Watermelon’s ease sore muscles!


Reduces muscle soreness and improves muscle recovery time after a workout


High blood pressure? Eat Bananas!


Besides being an excellent source of fibre lowers blood pressure.


Need to sleep? Eat two Kiwi Fruit’s in the afternoon!


Studies have shown that eating two kiwi fruits in the afternoon improves the quality of sleep and duration without the side effects of taking sleeping pills!


So there you have it! I hope these were helpful! Let me know if you’ve tried it and what your results were!!


Talk to you soon!







@laquansmith has done it again!  At the #newyorkfallfashion week Spring/Summer 2016 show he pulled out all the stops and reintroduced an old classic in tweed and denim!

Check out these gorgeous designs! I would wear each and every one of them!

New York Fashion week is well underway and he is easily in my top 5 designers to debut since Thursday when fashion week began!

New York Fashion Week Zimmerman


#NYFW  designer @zimmerman_  debut Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. His take on the Renaissance period is both feminine and ethereal! Feminine and gorgeous!
He is one of many designers taking #NYFW  by storm this season! Love it! 👢 #businesspassion #business #fashion #marketing #entrepreneurship #grind #hustle #learn #education #startup #marketing #success #successquotes #build #startuplife #businessowners #ambition #dream #goals #start #money #businessman #businesswoman #businesslife #entrepreneurlifestyle #goodlife #entrepreneur #motivated #businessowners #motivation

2015 Fall Fashion for Men


Fall 2015 is gearing up to be rich in neutrals, and  dark robust shades of blue, reds and green. Men’s Fashion will be no exception!

Check out this fashion stylist @davidson_frere wearing this  beautiful woal coat with fur trim over all black. His confidently sexy street style is #VixenApproved

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Shoes are a girls best friend!



Shoes, diamonds, makeup, a cute outfit and great hair are a stylish girls best friend!

I always say shoes is the finishing touch on any outfit that will either make or break your look. How many times has your eyes gravitated to the shoes someone is wearing when they walk by in an outfit that catches your eye?

It’s like you subconsciously check to make sure they are on point from head to toe! It’s so important to have your style compliment your look from head to toe.

Ladies, what is your shoe style signature?  Do you like a high heel shoe, flats, pumps, small heel or wedge? What is your look?

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