Quick Weave System Step by Step Tutorial


Good day ladies.

I’m coming to you with a review on quick weaves, specifically quick weave systems with Remy Hair. I love hair and I don’t think wearing weave is only for Black Women at all. Its too fluid for that not to mention very fun 😉

Recently, my local beauty supply store (BSS) had a series of sales on Remy hair that I quickly took advantage of and over a period of about 2 month (I guess they had a overstock and needed the room), I amassed quite a collection of hair ranging from 10 inches to 14. I was quite pleased with myself and decided to make a quick weave system like the one xxislandbeautyxx made on youtube over a series of 4 tutorial videos which she later took down (she is now selling the systems). Well, I watched those videos like it was an exam and made my own out of cheap BSS synthetic hybrid human hair that looked so good that I had requests to make some of other people.

Materials used:

3 packs of the cheapie hair (human/synthetic mix)

Weaving needle and thread

A wig cap (specifically for making wigs you can get it at the BSS for about $4.99)

A white eyeliner pencil

Foam wig head

Patience…lots of it

Method to the Madness:

Place the wig cap on the foam head with the side tabs at the ear of the mannequin. Make sure its centered. Draw a line for your part on the wig cap with the white pencil

I turned the wig cap inside out and sewed hair along the inside perimeter of the cap then flipped it right side out and started sewing the hair on the cap from the bottom to the top as if you are installing a normal weave.

Since I already mapped out where my part will be I weave up to the horseshoe u-shaped part I made as if I was weaving on a real person, the u-shape being the leave out hair.

Once I’m done sewing the weave on, I cut the u-shape part of the cap off leaving the weave cap system free.

Then I corn row my hair down. The pattern I used was a corn rowed an anchoring braid up the side of my head, around my leave out then down the other side and down to the back. Everything else (except the leave out) is corn rowed straight back.

Then I sew down the weave system around the leave out (which is why we sewn the hair on the cap up to the u-shape part line) then down the sides of the cap.

The result? A natural looking weave that can be taken off, wash your hair then sew back on without the hours of sitting at a salon. Its that simple, elegant and stylish

Janet Collection Indian Remy Prestige Hair

I’m reviewing the Janet Collection Prestige Remy hair which is what I used in my 2nd quick weave system.


Hair is soft, tangle free and thick. This is my 3rd time using the hair and it looks just as good as the first time I took it out the pck. It doesn’t tangle and form a nest at the back of my head, flat irons nicely and blends in with MY hair.

Now, I’m natural but my hair texture when curly is course, but straightened matches the remy hair perfectly. I don’t know why but this is how my hair is. When straightened it mimics silky remy hair.


Might not blend with all course hair types, very thick and doesn’t hold a curl for very long. Requires curling iron, curlers and possibly a overnight set in order to have curls the nest day but they will fall by the end of the day to very loose waves/curls.

To see a few tutorials on how to make this weave system check these links out (she did it exactly how I did). Sorry I didn’t take pictures while I made it because I didn’t know how it would turn out (aka, a big uh oh!).

If you have any questions leave a comment below J


Thanks ladies J


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