Sea Salt Toner!

Hi Everyone!!

So lately I have really been researching the benefits of sea salt. Not only is it great on food (sauted asparagus in Olive Oil and Sea salt is the bomb!) but it has really good beauty benefits as well. I plan to make a few posts about the benefits of sea salt.

Sea Salt contains sulphur and sulphur helps create oxygen pockets on your skins cells which helps your pores to breath and it acts as an exfoliant as well to help take away dead skin cells. It also contains Potassium which helps get rid of toxins and Calcium which strengthens your skin cells. Have you ever noticed when you go on vacation and take a swim in the ocean how great your skin looks after a few days? Thats the sea salt working its magic on your skin.

A great way to start incorporating sea salt into your beauty regimen is by using it as a toner that you apply to a clean face. Here’s how you make a Sea Salt Toner.

Add about 2 tsps of Sea Salt. You can purchase a bottle of Sea Salt at the grocery store for about $3. Be sure that its sea salt and not regular table salt.

Dissolve the sea salt in a container of luke warm water and apply it to a clean dry face. Let it dry then rinse off. I recommend doing this when your face feels a bit oily and greasy or you can use it every day. Some people use it every day. I have a sensitive skin so I try to use this once a week.

I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know how this works out!

Take care and happy glowing, natural skin!


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