Wig Wednesday – Who says you gotta dye your hair to be blonde?

Whats up Beautiful People my name is Diana aka xxbonzexx and I am coming to you today with another Style Inspiration post. Today’s topic is about Going Blonde (do they really have more fun?) where I ask the question, do I have to dye my natural hair to be one? Now if like me, you’ve been on the fence about dying your and are looking for a fun and easy alternative to being apart of the Blonde Bombshell Club this blog post is for you!

I’ve been blonde for about 5 years straight starting from 2010 to 2015 before I decided to take a 3 year break and go back to my natural color – brown. I figured change was good but when I was ready to get back into the saddle a year into it and be blonde again my loving hairdressers were super against it which caused some of the most epic hair battles (and negotiation sessions) I’ve had to date. They just didn’t think my hair was ready to be blonde again and needed more time to grow, be healthy and just most of all…rest. So it got me thinking…what are my alternatives?



Downside about weaves is you have to blend it with your hair texture which can be tricky. If your hair texture is kinky it can be problematic to blend it in with the weave which may cause you to straighten it too much or add excessive product which can cause build up or clogged scalp follicles. Then there is the method to secure the weave. If you are sewing it or clipping it in can also add certain strains on your own natural hair in the form of tension while you are wearing it which if you are not experienced in maintenance can cause hair loss.

So whats the alternative?


Now before you go turning your nose up at the thought of wearing a wig hear me out. Wigs have come a heck of a long way since our grandmas wore them to church on a Sunday morning. No! Wigs are less detectable (clockable for those familiar with slang terms), they give you the freedom of taking it off at night if you’d like or securing it with water-soluble glue for a hold that lasts up to a week or gel freeze “glue” (extra strong hold hair gel that can be purchased at Walmart) for a temporary 2-3 day hold.

If the idea of using glue is unnerving then you can explore the alternative that wigs nowadays come with combs already pre-sewn inside and many come with an elastic band in addition to the combs (elastic band is presewn in the wig) which will make the wig lay super flat and keep it secured on your head (I suggest using the wig combs that come in the wig along with the elastic band). For an immovable hold you can invest in a headband called a “Wig Grip” (sold on amazon) which provides such a secure hold that it would take God’s hand himself to come down out of heaven and snatch it off your head (no seriously I’m not even joking) for that wig to move.

Check out some Blond Wig Styles below. Now bear in mind alot of these models are Black but it goes to show that even if your skin is darker you can wear different shades of blonde and still look good.


Comment your thoughts below. Can you wear blonde? Would you explore wearing a wig? Suond off in the comments section!

Tip next time beautiful people!


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